• Financial Literacy for Employees
  • Financial Awareness for Women
  • Financial Awareness for Students
  • Financial Acumen for all
Mountain View

AWOKEIndia is culmination of ideas of its founder –

  • Pravin Kumar Dwivedi . Pravin had the privilege of working across 3 MNC & 1 private sector Banks in his professional career span of over 22 years. Through relationship focused approach, he had the fortune of closely observing and understanding needs and necessities of people in wealth management in their different stages of life. During his interactions with various stakeholders of the financial planning system, besides consumers, he felt the need for an entity which can create a difference in an already crowded marketplace.

About Logo

  • Logo of AWOKEIndia articulates its spirit showing freedom from financial shackles. It depicts portrait of spreading wisdom wings of a bird (Blue - Color of Wealth) reaching out to rising sun ( Orange – Warmth & positive energy) amidst shelter of shining golden sunlight (Yellow : Color of Kuber – Hindu God : Guardian of Wealth) The guiding motto is from Hindu Upanishad – Uttishtha, Jaagrat, Prapyavarani! Nibodhat! (Stand of wake up and gain wisdom by reacy hing out to the experienced) inscribed on the lower semicircle of the logo.

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